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  • Ej, muzycko, grajze mi (2019)

    Ej, muzycko, grajze mi

    We were always fascinated by music of Gorals from Slovak region Orava. This emotion lead to our latest recording in which we are trying to show what we like the most about this music. Work on the recording was quite hard for us though. Instruments tuned by half-tone up, constant changes for singers and some melodies going just too high not only for voices but also violins.... In spite of everything we finished it and here it is.for you to listen to if you like.

    P.S. If you get under impression that we changed to women to sing some parts, it shouldn't be true. We promise!

    Listen to the recording on:

     Muzička -  

    Muzička -  

    Muzička -

    lyrics >>>

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  • Dance party with Muzička at Liptovské Sliače

    We'd like to invite you to a dance party, which we'll deliver the music production for. I'tll take place in Liptovske Sliace on Saturday, May 18. More info at:

    Yours Muzička


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