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  • BRATISLAVA, April 30. La Fiesta, maypole raising and May Festival with folk band MUZIČKA

    1) Since it is April, looks like May is coming. It should be celebrate since there is never enough love. Great opportunity to hold a May Festival in La Fiesta.

    2) We are participating in this contest and victory would bring us flood of endorphins. Those will inevitably come back to you formed into a stream of positive energy emerging from our instruments and throats straight into your hearts.

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    Muzicka Hlava

    © Lucia Petrůjová

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  • TANCE S NÁRADÍM in Košice

    We are heartily inviting you to enjoy the rerun of a program of Dance group PARTIA called TANCE S NÁRADÍM (Dances with Implements).  Special guests of the rogram are ĽH Muzička, Juraj Dufek with bagpipe, ĽH of Michal Noga and Matak sisters and Women of Muzička with exceptionally suggestive voices. We´d be glad to meet you and have a great time with you after the performance  at a dance workshop and a folklore party with ĽH MUZIČKA.

    Program TANCE S NÁRADÍM is a teaser for a Festival of folklore moving and fun ROZHYBKOSTI 2016.

    Come to dance and have a good time with us on 15th April at 6pm at Grand Theater in Košice

    Tickets are available on:

    tance s náradím

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  • NJBNT! Open Air Happening

    Muzicka will perform this Saturday in Bratislava:


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  • Hlava 22 Club, Bratislava, on February 19th at 20:00

  • Fašiangy (Carnival) in Bratislava

    There will be a Multikulti dancing and singing party in La Fiesta.

    Slovak colours will held by Muzička.

    See you there.

    Muzička v autobuse

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  • Two tasks

    Dear friends,

    we believe you survived last two weeks. We succeeded more or less. There are two tasks:

    - give us a vote, if you want to see us on the world stages. Just click here ... and choose the proper amount of stars behind "Rate this track";

    - there will be a concert in Bratislava together with Banda and Štefan Štec.

    Your Muzička.

    Mišo - Muzička

    Would you like to receive e-mails with new recordings, information of concerts, houses of traditional dances and parties where Muzička participates? If so, please send us your e-mail address!

    According to our statistics, at the best, only half of our friends gets the information we share with you on Facebook!

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  • Muzička this week: concert at Štúdio L+S and Dance house in Pohorelá

  • Distillate [Muzička]

    CD DESTILÁT - Muzička We have released a real material CD album after a long time. You will find (if you decide to own it) a refreshing selection of our works from past years. If you already know our recordings from our web site, just a quick glimpse on the back of the Distillate will unveil some unknown virgin pieces. Yes, that was intentional. Obviously, we’re not quite fans of a "best of" monkey business and wanted to throw something new on the top. CD preview >>>

    Our intention to publish this CD turned out to be a good idea indeed. The world's leading magazine focused on world music, fROOTS, obviously likes the taste of this Distillate. They decided to publish a review of our latest album in their issue VIII / IX 2015, and – what we especially enjoy – track "Veš ty zajdu" is included in their last CD compilation (whole album in a monthly playlist on fRoots Radio).

    Well then, use wisely; ideally with legs landed on the table and narrowed eyes glancing over the horizon.

    If you would like to show your interest by buying a new CD, or even the older ones, please write to

    The price of each one is 7, - €, in the case of shipping + 2,- € postage.

    Review Destilat


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  • Muzička summer.

    We hope you are enjoying your summer. If you happen to show up somewhere near us, it’d be a pleasure to see you. We’ll be wondering all over the place but these spots are for sure: 

    26.6. (today) Eliášovce

    27.6. Heľpa

    28.6. Spišské Podhradie

    5.7. Krakov, Poľsko

    10.7. Trenčín - festival Pohoda - NAY TANEČNÝ DOM - 13:00 - 14:00

    1.8. Terchová - Jánošíkove dni - 20:30

    28.8. Šamorín - Pomlé

    29.8. Pecs - Hungary

    Truly Yours Muzička

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  • Party with Muzička - 23th of April

    Aura 02

    Muzicka will perfom 23.4. from 21:00 at: Aura in Bratislava.

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  • New videos

  • Songlines #107 - Review of the Muzička concert at "World Music from Slovakia"

    "How many Slovakian bands have you heard of? If the answer is none, then this showcase in Bratislava was for you. This special concert, organised by local activist Jarmila Vlčková, consisted of four Slovakian bands… From the Pressburger Klezmer Band and folk revivalists Muzička to the flamenco-inspired Acoustic Gangsters and progressive folk-world ensemble Banda, every concert was loudly applaused by a packed house… But, for me, the stand-out act was Muzička...

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  • Party with Muzička - 26th of March

    Muzicka will perfom 26.3. from 21:00 at: Aura in Bratislava.

    hudba mesta 

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  • TS PARTIA, Muzička a Paľáčovci - Dances with Tools

    Dance group Partia matures, its members are seriously beginning to deal with independent functioning. That's probably where the idea of their newest performance, Dances with Tools, originates.

    Their effort will be supported in person by:

    • Music band Paľáčovci from Hrochoť
    • Singers from Muzička and Maták sisters
    • Attila Olah
    • Muzička

    On Friday, 27. 2. 2015 from 19:00 to 22:00 in Cultural centre Zrkadlový Háj in Bratislava.

    Performance followed by a dance party. Admission fee € 7.

    Audience is NOT to bring a tool!

    Partia - Paľáčovci - Muzička

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  • WORLD MUSIC FROM SLOVAKIA, 4th of February 2015

    world music from slovakia

    We have been honored to be a part of the fine world music company this Carnival season at a WORLD MUSIC FROM SLOVAKIA concert, which will take place on 4. February 2015 in Atelier Babylon in Bratislava at 7:00 pm. You are all warmly welcomed to come.

    Performing artists:  Pressburger Klezmer Band, Muzička, Acoustic Gangsters, Banda

    more info at:

    Tickets: 8,- EUR at

    or 10,- EUR on the spot

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  • we married men 2014

    Muzicka with friends and children created this video for happiness of the praticipants and the whole world.

    Our goals are never smaller then biggest ones, therefore carefull listener will find there the rap, christmass carol and the wisdom of the age as well.

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  • 25th of September 2014 - THE HOUSE OF TRADITIONAL DANCES



    25th of September 2014
    8.00 pm

    OPENING HOUSE OF TRADITIONAL DANCES - 13th season women and men dances from village Šuňava (region Liptov) čardáš from village Zámutov (region Zemplín)

    Under the leadership of: Simona Dikaszová,  František Morong and Vladimír Michalko

    Music: Muzička band and Mišo Noga

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  • House of dance at Šumiac with Muzička - 4. October

    We are playing at a, most likely, pretty good party in the evening of Saturday, October 4th at Šumiac: The First House of Šumiac Dances at Šumiac. Peter Hrabovský, Martina Takácsová and OZ Mons Regius are responsible for the whole thing - that bunch of people in the picture. We would be pleased if you show up.

    Tanečný dom na Šumiaci

    When?: 4th October 2014

    Where?: Big conference room of Municipality office of Šumiac (so called “Agitačnuo stredisko”)

    Time: 6:30 p.m. 

    Dances taught: Šorový (row dance), Čardáš a Do hora (Tsardasch and Speed it up), Do kolesa (In the circle), all originating from Šumiac 

    Dance instructors: Peter Hrabovský and Martina Takácsová

    Admission fee: 2 euros (local Šumiacians 1 buck)

    Accommodation: Available for all participants in the classrooms of Sumiac’s elementary school - !!!!!!FOR FREE!!!!!!

    In case of interest of sleeping in the elementary school, please contact Peter Hrabovský via FB (the school has a certain limited number of mattresses available so we need to know at the least the approximate number of candidates). It is necessary to bring a sleeping bag.

    If you are interested in a "more luxurious" accommodation, please contact the Municipality office at Šumiac, which can offer several rooms with beds, or contact the owners of the local pensions.

    Snack bar and various refreshments will be available on the spot!!!!

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  • Visit in Šumiac


    During one Šumiac afternoon in the summer of 2013, an idea came up while chatting with Juraj Margeta, to record the older generation of men singers from Šumiac, which are no longer active folklorists, but still like to get together to sing and have couple of drinks.

    The mixer, at last, took place in January 2014. We are intentionally not talking about "recording" session, since it wouldn’t describe the momentum. The Šumiac community center building hosted more like “randezvous” of noble people, sprinkled by homemade sausage, homemade spirits and good stories seasoning (we still laugh at Siman Karoly’s last comment to his invitation to a cabin stay: “It must be warm though! So in case somebody sleeps in outside, he won’t die….).

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  • THE HOUSE OF TRADITIONAL DANCES - 12th of December, kc DUNAJ - Muzička, Fero Morong, Alfred Lincke ...



    12th of December 2013 
    8.00 pm

    Couple Dances:
    na dva kroki, do visoka from village Čierny Balog (Valley of Čierny Hron) 
    kruta from village Margecany (region Spiš) 

    Under the leadership of:
    Alfred Lincke a Vanda Krištofová
    František Morong a Barbora Morongová

    Music: MUZIČKA

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