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  • Muzička and Muzyka Jana Karpiela-Bułecki, HLAVA 22 / 8th november - 20:00

    The most famous living Polish Goral (people living in mountain regions along Slovak-Polish border) - musician and singer , that all certainly is Jan Karpiel Bułecka.. This man together, with his band, will be visiting us in Hlava XXII music club on 8. November 2013. We are looking forward to having him and you as well, of course.

    Jan Karpiel Bułecka

    November the 8th 2013, Hlava 22
    Start at 8:00 p.m with an open end.
    Admission fee 4 €, tickets available on the spot or in presale at
    Muzyka Jana Karpiela-Bułecki, Muzička

    A little about Jan and his Goral music: We met him first through his recordings. And we were truly meeting those over and over again. He definitely became one of our inspirations. Our first mutual encounter took place at the festival in Krakow . We even sang together ( - video is incorrectly listed, since not Trebunie Tutki, but Jan Karpiel – Bulecki’s band is singing with us ). As usual, it turned out, that “the legend” is normal casual guy, great to chat , drink and play with. We keep watching his fingers though. The Goral violin music really does have specific moves. And he is so good at it... Read more > > >

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  • Oj, na hori cvite len (three Rusyn songs)

    We would like to present you a new piece of three Rusyn songs.

    It might come out as an inexcusable move at the least everything proves so:

    - we personally know very few Rusyns (Kamil, Maroš, Števo, Jano)
    - songs happen to come to us in a weird ways (e.g. through Zuberec)
    - we consult language via e-mails with several born Rusyns, but they basically never match
    - confusion raises also in the basic terminology: we call them Rusnaks they themselves Rusyns, we call ourselves Slovaks, but attention, they call us Fakove!

    But bid the heart ...

    P.S.: The accompanying photograph of the Nation Park Poloniny is made by our first violinist. Visit it, it’s beautiful there! You even might meet a bison!

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  • Muzička and Fonó Zenekar, HLAVA 22 / 17th May - 20:00

    Muzička - Peter a Ivan

    Basin is a great invention. Man can fix up cracklings in it, cook delicious gulasch or rich sheep whey. Quite a lot of stuff had been cooked also within the Carpathian basin in the past centuries. Sometimes with better sometimes with worse ending. We would like to please you with the tastiest part of her bowels together with the Fonó Band from Budapest on May the 17th 2013 in Hlava 22 (Catch XXII) pub. Bon apetite!

    May the 17th 2013, Hlava 22
    Start at 8:00 p.m with an open end.
    Admission fee 4 €, tickets available on the spot or in presale at
    Fonó Zenekar, Muzička

    Fonó zenekar

    Gergely Agócs - ethnomusicologist, singer, player on folk wind instruments and the frontman of the Fonó Band - lives in Budapest, but has been born in Fil'akovo. A spark jumped between us several years ago and we have been meeting regularly ever since. We owe him for some of our musical appearances in Hungary. Gergely and Fonó work with Hungarian folklore and folklore of other nations orginating Carpathian Basin in the manner Muzicka adheres and have even completed significant number of on place research in the original folk environment of traditional music. You can read more about Fono here. Fono will shurely show us some of their newest album Wild Baroque.

    Introduction of CD Recordings of traditional folk music from 1958: OČOVÁ

    Nahrávky tradičnej ľudovej hudby z roku 1958 : OČOVÁSeries of very spontaneous recordings of folk music from Ocova were obtained in the Czechoslovak Radio Brno in 1958, with contribution of Nestor of Moravian ethnomusicology Dušan Holý and Zdenek Cupák. Jan Gaspar – Hrisko jr., famous Gypsy musician from Ocova and back then also a cimbalist and arranger of Brno Radio Orchestra of Folk Instruments was a kind mediator of this happening. The recordings are valuable documents of playing style of instrumentalists from Ocova: Juraj Jamriska, Juraj Durecka and Martin Danko, as well as other gypsy musicians from Ocova and Zvolenska Slatina. In addition to well-known gypsy band frontman Jozef Berky-Dusan, we can also listen to the rare recordings of play of the older generation of first violinists: Jan Gaspar-Hrisko sr., his son Jozef Gaspar- Hrisko and Jozef Gergel-Totka.

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  • Muzička in Brno - KC Sýpka - 15TH OF March 2013

    We invite you to the Dance party with Muzička in KC Sýpka in Brno (Czech republic). Concert starts at 19h, dance party follows then.

    Entrance 150,- Kč.

    Muzička v Brne

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    tanečný dom

    DRAGÚNI, kc DUNAJ, Nám. SNP Bratislava

    21st of February 2013
    8.00 pm

    Couple dances of Goral people from village Ždiar (region Spiš)
    Women´s circle dances from village Rejdová (region Gemer)
    Men´s stick dance botoló from Szatmár County (Hungarian dance, Romania)

    Under the leadership of: František Morong, Barbora Morongová and Attila Oláh

    Rhytmic-vocal accompaniment: Anita Kovácsová, Rubinka Szabó, Ivett Oláh, Imrich Madocsai

    Music: Muzička band

    Fee: 3,50 €

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  • Paľáčovci band (Hrochoť), Roman Malatinec and Muzička, Hlava XXII - 22nd February

    Once, when we were young and handsome, someone wise played a beautiful recording of Hrochot music on the radio and then said: It is a pity that the tradition of Paľáč band was discontinued and that it fell apart. Paľáč band denies this non-existence statement by its own existence, and we can enjoy them in Hlava XXII (Catch XXII - pub) on 22nd February 2013 at 20:00. The existence of Roman Malatinec has never been doubted (at the least not so far), which also ensures the smooth running of the event.

    22nd Februry 2013, Hlava XXII 

    We will start at 8:00 p.m  and finish gradually.
    Admission fee is 4 €, tickets can be ordered at or bought on the spot before the concert .
    Paľáčovci (Hrochoť), Roman Malatinec (Korytárky), Muzička

    Roman a Palacovci

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    CD - Speváci z rejdovej a Muzička Album CD Speváci z Rejdovej a Muzička: Či to šitko pravda has been nominated for the genre prize in the Radio_Head Awards contest.

    We could win, if you vote for us. Please send this SMS to the number 7773 (please note it is important to obey the spaces): 
    "RHA W5"

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  • DANCE PARTY in the CENTRE of BRATISLAVA CITY - 25th of October 2012

    CD - Speváci z rejdovej a Muzička DRAGÚNI
    25th of October  2012, kc DUNAJ, Nám. SNP Bratislava 8.00 pm

    Couple dances from villages Komjatná and Stankovany (region Liptov)
    na dva kroki and frišká from village Horné Pršany (borderline area of region Podpoľanie)
    Under the leadership of: Jakub Filipko and Simona Dikasová,
                                            František Morong and Barbora Morongová
    Music:   ĽH MUZIČKA 
    Fee: 3,50 €

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  • Korytárky - 15.9.2012

    Muzicka Za Stolom

    15-th of September 2012, Korytárky, 21:00, folk dance party

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  • Singers from Rejdová village and Muzička - New CD

    Muzicka Za Stolom

    Rejdová is settled here: In August 2011 in the Rejdova House of Culture we recorded a new CD with the singers of this village:

    Speváci z Rejdovej a Muzička

    In order to give you a notion how it sounds like listen to this examples: .

    In case you like this music you can buy it. We can send the CD to you by post or if you come on Friday to Hlava 22 Club we would be pleased to sell it to you personally. The price is 8 €.

    Yours sincerely Muzička. 

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  • Muzička and Miloš Bobáň, Hlava XXII - 18-th of May 2012

    Muzicka Za Stolom

    Muzička is going to play a concert together with guest Milos Boban on May 18th in  Hlava 22 music club. Milos comes from Terchova and plays any music instrument that ever occurred in local folk music. To make sure there won’t be too few of us, Muzicka’s ladies section is going to appear on the top. 

    We will start at 8:30 p.m. and finish gradually. Admission fee is 4 €, tickets can be ordered at or bought on the spot before the concert . We are looking forward to seeing you! 


     P. S. Muzicka recorded this round from Terchova in ancient times (1994) with all of its founding members still playing. We met Milos back then too.

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