About Muzicka

We are, and this seems to be a surprise for people that put this question to us, a folklore band from Bratislava. Slovak folk music has always been in us – and more actual since the year 1990, when we as a joke learnt to play several songs and this was a gift for a friend who was getting married, and this unexpectedly led to the creation of the folk band MUZIČKA. From this time, we regularly practice and we listen to old recordings. In many cases these are recordings from past rural masters that are often of low sound quality.

In practice we very much miss applause. This is why we prefer to play at live events, such as weddings, celebrations, appearances and spontaneous events – and why to be secretive - also at concerts. We feel great happiness when we can feel the joy of our audience accompanied by unusual musical achievements (by us), by singers (mainly us) and by dancers (never us).

We appreciate folklore in its original earthy sound, as little refined, kitschy, institutionalized, or revivalist as possible... and we hope this is obvious from our playing. The composition of Muzicka’ band has slightly been changing since the last century, which has led to an influx of new members with musical education. We are open to this change in the make-up of the group.

We must remind you that by nature we are very sociable people and we are involved in several activities:

female singers, our wives and friends that sing with one voice

Vladimír Michalko a Alfred Lincke – dancers that dance as we play, also with one voice

Dancing houses – regularly organized folk events connected with teaching dance, (www.tanecnydom.sk)

Muzička is:

Tomáš Brunovský - violin
Laco Fekete - violin
Ivan Hanula - violin
Martin Brunovský –contra violin
Mišo Brdársky –contra viola
Peter Obuch – double-bass, small-bass

Eva Brunovská – leader of the singing group
Zoja Feketeová - singer
Alžbeta Lukáčová – singer
Xénia Makarová – singer
Barbara Matáková – singer
Martina Potkányová – singer


Curriculum vitae…

It was in 1990 that 5 friends established the folk group Muzička. At that time the founder members who were around 20 years old had no musical education with the exception of one member. What they had in common was enthusiasm for good music especially “modern” genres.

The career of Muzička started with a performance at friend’s wedding. This original success encouraged them in the continuation of their musical training. This also meant the beginning of a search for old authentic recordings, - which were in opposition to what had become “institutionalized folklore” – this original and authentic music captured Muzička’s members and until this day has become their deepest inspiration.

The enchantment of this music was so intensive that it led the band to concentrate on the interpretation of Slovak folk singing and music in the most authentic possible way.

In following performances these musicians fully showed their excitement, temperament and energy that have become the characteristic features of Muzička’s way of making music.

An important influence on the bands musical education was their regular annual participation at the musical activity „Old notes for young strings“ in Habovka and Orava region. Here band members had the chance to created friendships with musical contemporaries and to learn from older bands from the whole Slovakia.

In 1994 in Bratislava the members of Muzička started organizing “Evenings of Authentic Folklore”. Here they invited music bands from different regions of Slovakia. Through this activity they were able to establish friendships and partnerships with people that had similar feelings towards traditional folk music.

The first CD (Muzička) from the year 2001 received a good response from fans and was a source of encouragement and energy for the work which followed. Thanks to this, in 2002, the band accepted an invitation to Lublin in Poland to perform an individual concert. From this concert Muzička recorded a CD called „Muzička live in Lublin“. Successful handling of a big individual performance on stage, meant for Muzička a turning point and important step forward.

At the same time, the members of the band participated in starting the Dance Houses – an event bringing folklore and folk dance to a wider audience. This was co-organised with the association Dragúni.

The second CD Muzička 2 was released in 2005 and was a professionally studio recording.

In the last few years a very fruitful cooperation has been established between Muzička, Dragúni and the “Club of lovers of authentic folklore” { the Slovak abbreviation for this is KMAF}. Through this connection were initiated two evening events under the name Husľovačka 1 (Fiddling 1) and Husľovačka 2 (Fiddling 2), which were performed with great success in many important folk festivals and the alternative music festival Pohoda.

Muzička started with the composition of Martin Brunovský, Tomáš Brunovský, Laco Fekete, Peter Smižanský a Maťo Vagač. After the departure of the last two mentioned members, the double-bass was performed by Ľudo Kováčik for 10 years. Since September 2007 the line up of Muzička’s has been:
Tomáš Brunovský, born in Bratislava, 1971, a founder member, first violin , started to play on violin in the age of 18. He takes care of qualitative progress of Muzička’s, repertoire selection and the overall direction of the band.
Laco Fekete, born in 1971 in the village Mierovo, Šamorín, founder member, violinist.
Ivan Hanula, born in 1978 in Liptovské Sliače. He has been part of Muzička since 2002,contra violinist, and contrabass. He dedicates himself also to recording transcription and preparation of note partitions.
Michal Brdársky (born in 1980) in the village Rejdová, Rožňava, has been a member of Muzička since 1999. Contra – viola, occasionally accordion.
Martin Brunovský ( born in 1967 in Bratislava), founder member. He started to play when 22 years old, he plays violin contra.
Peter Obuch ( born 1979 in Piešťany). He has been a member of Muzička since 2007. He plays contrabass and if needed also violin and contra. He dedicates himself also to transcription and preparation of note partitions.

Muzička until today dedicates itself mainly to the study of authentic recordings of Slovak folk music and singing. Following these studies Muzička tries to present them to the public in their original forms. Every member of Muzička sings and singing is an equally important part of Muzička’s musical component as the music itself.

A component of Muzička is its female singing band that also concentrates on interpretation of folk songs according to original pieces. They share in creating the program Husľovačka 2. At the moment there is 3 permanent members (Eva Brunovská, Zoja Fekete and Xénia Makarová) and several guest singers (Betka Lukáčová, Jana Ambrózová, Mária Brdárska). The female section was created about a year after the creation of Muzička. Its composition is continually changing, but voices of nearly all its ex-members are recorded on Muzička’s CDs, also on Folk Music KMAF (Gypsy play me this one) also on Peter Lipa’s album (Lipa sings Lasica). Some of these recordings have became the part of musical composition of SLUK (The Slovak Folk Art Ensemble) in the program – „Tancovali naši vašim“ (We danced for you).