House of dance at Šumiac with Muzička - 4. October

We are playing at a, most likely, pretty good party in the evening of Saturday, October 4th at Šumiac: The First House of Šumiac Dances at Šumiac. Peter Hrabovský, Martina Takácsová and OZ Mons Regius are responsible for the whole thing - that bunch of people in the picture. We would be pleased if you show up.

Tanečný dom na Šumiaci

When?: 4th October 2014

Where?: Big conference room of Municipality office of Šumiac (so called “Agitačnuo stredisko”)

Time: 6:30 p.m. 

Dances taught: Šorový (row dance), Čardáš a Do hora (Tsardasch and Speed it up), Do kolesa (In the circle), all originating from Šumiac 

Dance instructors: Peter Hrabovský and Martina Takácsová

Admission fee: 2 euros (local Šumiacians 1 buck)

Accommodation: Available for all participants in the classrooms of Sumiac’s elementary school - !!!!!!FOR FREE!!!!!!

In case of interest of sleeping in the elementary school, please contact Peter Hrabovský via FB (the school has a certain limited number of mattresses available so we need to know at the least the approximate number of candidates). It is necessary to bring a sleeping bag.

If you are interested in a "more luxurious" accommodation, please contact the Municipality office at Šumiac, which can offer several rooms with beds, or contact the owners of the local pensions.

Snack bar and various refreshments will be available on the spot!!!!