Muzička and Fonó Zenekar, HLAVA 22 / 17th May - 20:00

Muzička - Peter a Ivan

Basin is a great invention. Man can fix up cracklings in it, cook delicious gulasch or rich sheep whey. Quite a lot of stuff had been cooked also within the Carpathian basin in the past centuries. Sometimes with better sometimes with worse ending. We would like to please you with the tastiest part of her bowels together with the Fonó Band from Budapest on May the 17th 2013 in Hlava 22 (Catch XXII) pub. Bon apetite!

May the 17th 2013, Hlava 22
Start at 8:00 p.m with an open end.
Admission fee 4 €, tickets available on the spot or in presale at
Fonó Zenekar, Muzička

Fonó zenekar

Gergely Agócs - ethnomusicologist, singer, player on folk wind instruments and the frontman of the Fonó Band - lives in Budapest, but has been born in Fil'akovo. A spark jumped between us several years ago and we have been meeting regularly ever since. We owe him for some of our musical appearances in Hungary. Gergely and Fonó work with Hungarian folklore and folklore of other nations orginating Carpathian Basin in the manner Muzicka adheres and have even completed significant number of on place research in the original folk environment of traditional music. You can read more about Fono here. Fono will shurely show us some of their newest album Wild Baroque.

Introduction of CD Recordings of traditional folk music from 1958: OČOVÁ

Nahrávky tradičnej ľudovej hudby z roku 1958 : OČOVÁSeries of very spontaneous recordings of folk music from Ocova were obtained in the Czechoslovak Radio Brno in 1958, with contribution of Nestor of Moravian ethnomusicology Dušan Holý and Zdenek Cupák. Jan Gaspar – Hrisko jr., famous Gypsy musician from Ocova and back then also a cimbalist and arranger of Brno Radio Orchestra of Folk Instruments was a kind mediator of this happening. The recordings are valuable documents of playing style of instrumentalists from Ocova: Juraj Jamriska, Juraj Durecka and Martin Danko, as well as other gypsy musicians from Ocova and Zvolenska Slatina. In addition to well-known gypsy band frontman Jozef Berky-Dusan, we can also listen to the rare recordings of play of the older generation of first violinists: Jan Gaspar-Hrisko sr., his son Jozef Gaspar- Hrisko and Jozef Gergel-Totka.