We are heartily inviting you to enjoy the rerun of a program of Dance group PARTIA called TANCE S NÁRADÍM (Dances with Implements).  Special guests of the rogram are ĽH Muzička, Juraj Dufek with bagpipe, ĽH of Michal Noga and Matak sisters and Women of Muzička with exceptionally suggestive voices. We´d be glad to meet you and have a great time with you after the performance  at a dance workshop and a folklore party with ĽH MUZIČKA.

Program TANCE S NÁRADÍM is a teaser for a Festival of folklore moving and fun ROZHYBKOSTI 2016.

Come to dance and have a good time with us on 15th April at 6pm at Grand Theater in Košice

Tickets are available on: https://www.ticketportal.sk/performance.aspx?idp=152033

tance s náradím

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