Visit in Šumiac


During one Šumiac afternoon in the summer of 2013, an idea came up while chatting with Juraj Margeta, to record the older generation of men singers from Šumiac, which are no longer active folklorists, but still like to get together to sing and have couple of drinks.

The mixer, at last, took place in January 2014. We are intentionally not talking about "recording" session, since it wouldn’t describe the momentum. The Šumiac community center building hosted more like “randezvous” of noble people, sprinkled by homemade sausage, homemade spirits and good stories seasoning (we still laugh at Siman Karoly’s last comment to his invitation to a cabin stay: “It must be warm though! So in case somebody sleeps in outside, he won’t die….).

As to the recording part, we would like to add, that the selection of songs was under Šumiac lad’s direction, who wanted to cover mostly the songs hitherto unrecorded by Šumiac men. Therefore there are also pieces, that wouldn’t  probably fit the strict selection of “Slovak radio people” searching specifically the most original ancient repertoire. Even with newer tunes it is very interesting to see/hear almost exotic symbiosis of new melody and archaic voice lead and way of singing .

What to say at the end? Only that the great old fashioned Šumiac men choir did, what scientists are still only inventing. Moved us in time. And even caused another extraordinary thing – nailed bodies to the chairs and granted wings to minds.

Šumiac - 12.1.2014 by Muzička

Description of the recording: singers (from left to right): Šimon Margeta (1937), Juraj Margeta (1936), Juraj Károly (1948), Šimon Károly (1960), Jozef Fujka (1945). Recorded on 12. January 2014 in the Šumiac community center. Production: Peter Obuch (recording lead), Tomáš Brunovský (technical support), Vladimír Michalko (mangement ).