Muzička [3] (2012 - 2013)

Dobre tomu šuhajkovi... (Kokava n. Rimavicou, Klenovec)

CD - Speváci z rejdovej a Muzička Two “cozy” songs from the northern part of Malohont region. First - loneliness – reproduced according to Imre Olah – Dróta’s style, second, according to Vojtech - Béla Radič music band from Kokava nad Rimavicou. Although the music styles and folklore in Klenovec and Kokava are significantly influenced by various shepards’ and highlanders’ music styles/culture, neverthless interpretation style of local Gypsie bands inevitably soaked some cigarette’s smoke from wine-taverns (no wonder, since Radičovci-band experienced playing in Budapest’s bars). It can be easily noticed by rich harmony and softer tones of violinists (avoiding sentiment, recently very popular). Whenever we play these songs, viola players amuse the others by their sweaty fingers, endlessly and unsuccessfully searching for a clean chord . On the other hand, Ivan is a big fan of it, enjoying his 4.28 minutes of on the stage fame. He even “willy-nilly” ľearned to pronounce soft "ľ", which is reaľľy something... 

1. violin and vocals: Ivan Hanula / 2. violin: Laco Fekete / accompaning viola: Michal Brdársky / accompaning violin: Martin Brunovský / bass: Peter Obuch / cimbalom: Matúš Medlen / arrangement: Ivan Hanula / photo: Igor Kolenič

Svitaj Bože, svitaj... (Šumiac)

CD - Speváci z rejdovej a Muzička Have you seen the movie Erotic Nation? You haven‘t? That’s a pity! Because if you have, you wouldn’t heard this song from Horehronie region that was, somehow, cut out. It was recorded at the real meadow near real Lom nad Rimavicou village. That‘s why a real birds (jabber), a real tractor (roar, about 1'30''), real mountain echo and real exhausted singer of the upper voice can be heard in it. Well, singing in the meadows was natural once, but today, you would have to come a long way through sexshops, strip ​​clubs, brothels and some villa in Brno to hear it ( 

Yeah. As the real Ray Davies of the Kinks once said: "Girls want to be boys and boys want to be girls. The world is upside down, confusing and shocking."


CD - Speváci z rejdovej a Muzička Our precious’ and dears! 

If we wanted to sing a Carol for each of you, we would have to start on Epiphany at the latest. Therefore we have picked a less personal approach and we are sending to you Goral-Kysuce-Terchova region (precisely in this order) Christmas Carol megamix. Don’t let the form override the essence! Know, that we wish you a pleasant Christmas holidays time. It won’t be easy, but hang up there! 

Yours, Muzička 

P.S. This recording evolved, slightly unusually, in coproduction with jazzmen Peter Lipa in 2003, for the German television channel ZDF. We performed in a huge cathedral in the city of Wuerzburg then, as a part of the Christmas show, Christmas in Europe – that was some Ein Kessel Buntes! This cinnamon and cloves seasoned experience, was mixed with quite non-Christmas ones, but that’s a long story to write... 

vocals and instruments: Ivan Hanula, Laco Fekete, Michal Brdársky, Ľudo Kováčik, Tomáš Brunovský, Eva Brunovská, Martina Večerná, Zuzana Cimrová, Zoja Feketeová

Rómske zo Šariša

CD - Speváci z rejdovej a Muzička This mix of Gypsy songs was originally built and meant for Husľovačka project. The main inspiration were expressive exhibitions of Ďuďovci siblings and Agáta Holubová coming from villages of Eastern Slovakia with kind of gastronomic names Soľ (salt) and Svinia (Swine) - project Phurikane giľa. Gypsy folklore is something that just fascinates the red necks. Well oiled managers bumble to Kmeťoband at company happenings, Senzus guys painted in black make funny faces and moves to the best known Gypsy “pieces” in primetime on public TV channel, folklore ensembles from the High Tatras to SĽUK didn’t resist the temptation to include "The Gypsy" in their repertoire ... and yes, we couldn’t resist either. Hope Devla forgives us. 

Yours, Muzička 

vocals and music by: Eva Brunovská, Ivan Hanula, Tomáš Brunovský, MišoBrdársky, Peter Obuch, Stano Marišler, Vlado Michalko / Produced by: SamoSmetana / Directed by: Samo Smetana, Ivan Burlas / Sound: Ľuboš Valky

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