Pomo auťa, bo anťa ňeto kja! (2011)

Dear friends.

We would like to present you a part of our never-ending recording (never practise in a recording studio!), not in the old fashioned way of CD or other medium, but in a "modern", ".com" way. Since we always ended up making „illegal copies“ of our own songs for friends / mates / fans, this time, we decided to make all of them available from the beginning on our website. CD - Pomo auťa, bo anťa ňeto kja! Everybody can download any recording (Including CD cover/booklet), as many times as he/she wishes and free of charge. We hope that you will do so and that you‘ll like our new production. Whether yes or no, we will be pleased by any voluntary financial contribution by which you would decide to appreciate our work (bank transfer: from SR account no.: 4201156384/8360, from abroad account no.: 520700-4201156384/8360 - please enter "MUZICKA" as a message for recipient).

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An effort to focus on discovering not known melodies or lyrics, which were forgotten by the folk artists, most conveniently, right after showing it to a living man, is often typical for the current slovak folkloristic publishing. Sometimes, of course, broadly-known songs appear on some CD, which is dishonested by many puritans, who are guessing an intention to gain sympathies of wide public. If, God forbids,some well-known song appears in the list of songs on CD, folklorists often discard it in general as slimy „commerce“. However, we regret the fate of any of such songs. Let’s take, for example, Červené jabĺčko (Red apple), song from Upper Liptov region, that young women sang while dancing „Čuchom“ dance. Many of us remember it as a notorious tune that was used by preschoolers on MDŽ (International women's day), to express the passionate love to their mothers (an erotic moment in it was, of course, erased tendenciously by exchange in lyrics - "I love you Johnny the most“ for „I love you Mom the most") . Our frustration of the unfortunate fate of these songs culminated, when we, digging in the archives, found known piece, but in an unusual briliance of a version brought out by old musicians and singers. So the idea for „homecoming“ of these songs, which, thanks to the songbooks and grammar school music classes, spread widely across Slovakia, but paid the fee of grey uniformity, rose in our minds. We found inspiration in already mentioned archive recordings, some forgotten transcriptions (eg, interesting voice lead of choir in the Červené jabĺčko (Red Apple) song originating from Karol Plicka’s written records), or we just dressed the song into its "home" clothes (eg Trenčianske round). Some distinctive melodies and musical performances appear in music rounds on CD and emphasize particular styles of local musicians (eg, cardas and afterpiece after the Na trenčianskom moste song favored by local musicians, or melodies from Hrinova "from the cross" which are actually variants of sang orders to the band). In the meaning of this we always, for closer information, in parentheses, present the name of locality, that was a starting point and inspiration for our work.

Mix and mastering: Oskar Lehotský Hanula Ivan Tomas Brunovský, Peter Obuch
Recorded: studio Muzička
Graphics: Laco Fekete

Recordings were produced with a financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic.

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