Pod nohy (2021)

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Our album „Pod nohy“ (Good to dance on) introduces recordings intended for the needs of teaching and practicing Slovak folk dances. The particular tracks are played at a constant tempo (either real or slower – for practice). However, recordings in real tempo (1-5) are recorded and arranged the way to satisfy also a listener. Typical local music styles and usual band instruments are reflected in the recordings by Muzicka. Except for music for slow “čardáš”, in which we reached out to commonly known songs and new Hungarian style presented by small-town Roma bands.
lead violin: Ivan Hanula (except 2, 7), Tomáš Brunovský and Ladislav Fekete (2, 7)
second violin: Ladislav Fekete (except 1, 6), Tomáš Brunovský (1, 6)
accompanying violin: Martin Pako Brunovský (except 1, 6)
accompanying viola: Michal Brdársky
contrabass: Peter Obuch
cimbal: Ľubomír Gašpar (1, 6), Oskar Lehotský (3 – 5, 8, 9)
C clarinet: Matej Beňo

vocals: Mária Brdárska od Mesiarčky, Eva Brunovská, Jaroslava Maťková (1), Muzička (2), Michal Brdársky, Tomáš Brunovský, Peter Obuch (1, 3 – 5)

cover photo: Alexandra Handiakova – ALYNX ART ACADEMY

This recording has been supported using public funds provided by Slovak Arts Council.

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